Custom gifting for businesses in the Great Lakes region.

Here at Lake Crate, we handle everything from designing the gift to sourcing the products to delivering them to their destination. From 24-1,000+ gifts, we're here to make the process easy and efficient for you!

Employee Appreciation • Client Gifts • Holidays • Weddings • Events & Conferences

How It Works

  • Step One: Proposal

    This is where we determine the theme of your gift and the overall look that you're going for. Once we have an idea of what you'd like, we'll email over a concept for you to approve!

  • Step Two: Production

    We'll begin sourcing the products and assembling your gift boxes! We can also add in any branded elements at this point such as stationary, stickers, and belly bands.

  • Step Three: Delivery

    When the gift boxes are ready to be delivered, we'll either handle all of the shipping for you or we'll deliver them by hand depending on your company location.

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We look forward to working with you!